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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in our service zone?


​​We are currently providing our service only in Dhaka, (Every Friday) Khulna, Bagerhat & Pirojpur (Every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday). If you are a resident anywhere in these, we can reach you with our products. We kindly request customers who are outside of Khulna to be patient because we are really eager to spread out service outside Khulna as soon as possible. But until then we are only operational in Khulna, Bangladesh. ​​ 

When to place order?


We do take orders from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM everyday. So, our respected customers, please make sure you order your necessary items within 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We also have a countdown clock at our home page to remind you. We start harvesting after 4:00 PM of your order day so that the raw products remain intact and fresh. Orders after 4:00 PM will be counted as tomorrow's order.   

When I will receive my orders?


We will deliver your order the next morning you order it.  We have our own delivery system that will provide orders to your doorsteps. Hopefully you will find our delivery van reach up to your home within 10 AM to 11 AM everyday. 

How to place order?

You can place order by any two following ways that you prefer.

    #Via phone ordering:

     You call us to the number 014 05 800 900 and for support 018 23 166 499  we will listen your needs and book your order. When your order will be booked, we will provide you a tracking ID with the order to check the status of your order.


    #Via online ordering:

     From the shop tab, select items and their quantity. Add them to your cart. Go to checkout and confirm your order. When you will                         confirm your order, we will provide you a tracking ID with the order to check the status of your order.

Both phone ordering and online ordering continues up to 4:00 PM everyday. Orders after 4:00 PM will be counted as tomorrow's order. 

What is the payment method for my order?


We accept cash on delivery system. So, we will provide the order to you and you will provide the payment to our delivery-man. After receiving your payment, we will send you confirmation.

How products are packaged?

We have very specific protocols about product packaging remembering your health issues and nature pollution. We deliver your order in a nice thick paper bag with 4 inch width and 19 inch height (If multiple bags are required, they will be provided per need). We do not intend to use polythene due the the serious abuse of it to nature. We value purity and freshness. Moreover, the custom made paper bag is much more sustainable, stylish and easy carrying in design. It can carry all your products safe and sound very easily.


Packaging category as types of items:



           Eggs will be delivered in a 12 pieces egg casing. 


           Milk will be provided in fresh new plastic bottles of 1/2 L and 1 L .    


      (a) Small leaves: Mehedi pata, Tulsi pata, Sojne pata like items will be provided in a zip lock bag of 100 grams.

      (b) Medium shaak and leaves: Kolmi shaak, Dheki shaak, Thankuni pata, Aloe vera pata like items will be wrapped using food wrapping paper and will be delivered as bundle of 250 grams and 500 grams.

      (c) Long shaak and leaves: Like Pui shaak, Data shaak, Palong shaak, Lau shaak, Kumra shaak etc. will be carried as bundles and will be               wrapped by food wrapping papers. 

#Larger Items that will not fit in the bag:     

       Larger and heavier items that will not fit in 4 inch wide paper bags like: Calkumra, Jambura, Misti kumra, Dab, Tormuj and Bangi etc. will         be provided in separate tissue bags for best fit.

#Fish and Meat: 

     According to your need (live or butchered) chicken, duck can be supplied. While carrying, we will seal them completely using wrapping               papers so no liquid and blood run out and spoil the bag. Same method will be applied for fishes as well.

#Spice Powder and Retail items:  

      Powder products like: Moricher gura, Dhoniyar gura etc. and some dry-retail items like Shukna supari, paan etc. will be delivered in zip lock bags. Other retail items like: Shapla will be provided as bundle of 20 pieces. 



How products are being delivered?

After proper processing and packaging of various types of your products, all your items will be labeled with your address and wait in our warehouse to get shipped. In the morning our delivery van will ship your items according to the label.

If you want to return something then how do you do it?

In case you do not like what you have purchased, with proper reasoning, you may get your money back or buy other items in exchange of the item. You have to let us know about the product return within the day you receive that order. While you return the item, wait for our delivery van to reach to your home and just return it. 

If you face any problem, how to contact us and get support?

We have a support team that will provide you any type of support related to ordering, product quality payment problem etc. Our support is online from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM everyday. Any question or your feedback is gladly accepted here.

Call 018 23 166 499 for support or send email at .  

How can I cancel my order?

Log in to your account. Go to My Orders tab. Check you purchase and tap on it. You will find the cancel option. You have to cancel your order within 4:00 PM. 

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