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A Little Story of Bangla Fresh Bangladesh

Bangla Fresh Bangladesh was an idea untill 2020. It has a sister organization in USA with quite amount of exciting success. Following the footstep of the previous trail, 4 brave souls started their journey at a remote location of in Khulna, Bangladesh called Saira.


That was and still is a total charming village whose beauty and prosperity enchants a lot. Residing in a remote location, villagers of saira were struggling to manage and earn a fair wage due to the traditional system of society.


So, the rich were getting richer and poor goes to poorer. To ensure the best quality product and to show the people of Bangladesh that a good deed indeed prevails all struggles, Bangla Fresh started working hard. At the end of 2020, on 16th December Bangla Fresh started its first independent step just like our beautiful country Bangladesh.


To help a COVID affected rural economy, they started their own transportation system to direct the best quality product and ensure fair price. The original team founded with 5 members. On the verge of time passing, suddenly the team had a crack and one got out of the original idea.


Many ups and downs this organization has faced but still there remain a close bond of family and friendship amongst the trio. Learn those struggle and contact us for more.

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